Treat Pimple On The Butt At Home

Treat pimple on the butt at home Admittedly, it is not a nice subject, but many women suffer from it: pimples on the buttocks. How do you best deal with them and what can you do about it? And when is it time to see a doctor?

Where do pimples come from?

Pimples arise from an overproduction of tallow. This clogs the pores together with dirt on the skin surface. This shows up as tiny, black dots – blackheads . If the pores are inflamed, you may fester. A yellowish pimple develops. By the pressure in the pore the pus and dirt migrates to the skin surface. If this is done, the pimple is easy to express.

But then the problem starts on the back just now. For, leave your fingers free from pimples, which you can not see. If you try to express them blindly, the inflammation is likely to worsen. If you have the feeling that it is no different, then take the step and go to the beautician or the dermatologist. It can also assess whether the pimple may need to be removed surgically.



What can you do against Pickel am Po?

Cleaning: Just like the skin on the face, you can also clean your remaining skin to get rid of excess sebum. Also a peeling helps to make the skin at the buttocks beautiful smooth to conjure. Easy to use in the shower.


Zinc Ointment and Tea Tree Oil : If you have an acute pimples on the buttocks, use zinc sallow, which works against the inflammation. Tea tree oil also helps to soothe acute pimples.

Choice of clothing : If you are more likely to have pimples on the buttocks, take care of the materials of your clothes. Synthetics that make you sweat easily is especially bad to keep the butt as smooth as possible. Cotton which does not rub is better so that the sebaceous glands do not ignite.

If you want to know how to express a pimple correctly, it goes along here.


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