Top 5 Tips For Skin Care And Optimal Sun Protection

Skin care Summer, sun, active lifestyle! In the warm season we would like to spend every free minute with cool outdoor activities in the sun. But beware! For as beautiful as the sun is, it can also have some very unpleasant side effects if we do not protect ourselves sufficiently from it. With our tips you can enjoy the sun carefree and look forward to every activity in the open air.


Tips For Skin Care

1. Apply good lotion – and do not forget the lips!

Even if you want to be brown, you should apply the sun protection generously. The rule of thumb: Divide your body into eleven zones and apply one or two finger lengths of suncream per zone. Do not forget the nose, ears, shoulders and back of the foot! And most importantly, the sensitive lip skin is regularly supplied with a light protection factor.


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