What To Do To For Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive skin care tips It stretches, itches and scales: our skin can sometimes perform a real zigzag. This is due to external influences such as weather, but also to the way of life. And, of course, care also plays an important role. We will tell you how to get irritation under control and sensitive skin soothes.

Another cream, a new perfume – and suddenly the skin reacts irritated, irritated or reddened. And most importantly: after-play. Also stress, very spicy food, hot or cold temperatures make her to create. This can be seen immediately in the mirror: The skin is dry, scaly, cracked or even red-spotted.

 Sensitive Skin Care Tips  


What to do to protect irritated skin?

Now you should avoid anything that could irritate the sensitive person. Instead, you prefer to strengthen the natural skin barrier with special products. What helps: Ingredients such as allantoin (eg in horse chestnut) and bisabolol (eg in chamomile) stimulate soothing and soothing, marigold and their oil anti-inflammatory. Often sensitive skin is very dry at the same time. The reason: If your natural protective shield is no longer intact, your skin loses moisture, harmful substances and bacteria can penetrate more easily. To prevent inflammation and irritation, you should adjust the entire product range (preferably from one cosmetic line) to the season and personal needs.

Sensitive Skin Care Tips

In other words, use more rich creams in the cold and lighter lotions in the warm months. Also, do not always try new things, because the skin can react boldly to frequent product changes. On the safe side you go with a care especially for sensitive skin. It dispenses with everything that could unnecessarily strain the skin and contains only mild, completely pure ingredients.


Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Test: Do I have sensitive skin ?

If you answer more than three questions with “Yes”: Welcome to the club of the Sensibelchen!

My skin itches and stretches after showering or bathing.

I am rather fair-skinned, my skin reacts immediately to solar radiation.

After alkoholgenuss or sharp food stretches my skin and is stained.

My skin reacts to drying immediately with redness.

I have not been able to tolerate care products several times.

Without rich skin care stretches my skin after cleansing.

When I get upset, I get hectic spots.

If you are unsure, your skin can be scrutinized by a dermatologist, beautician or pharmacist.


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