10 Best Foods For Weight Loss Without Diet

Here is 10 best foods for weight loss, If you want to lose weight, only eat fruits and vegetables: Fortunately, this is not true. There are many foods that are suitable for weight loss.

Food for weight loss

Chocolate: better not. The sandwiches from the baker: better not. During a diet , food becomes the enemy, who wants to attach a superfluous pound until the pants pinch. But there are also plenty of foods that are good for weight loss . Those who have little calories, but still long enough to fill.

The best we have put together here for you. First and foremost, the pasta, which has often been in the sights of all dietarians. Does she make fat or not? We give all-clear. The noodle, especially the whole grain noodle, is a food which is best suited for losing weight. Because it has low calories to 100 grams. Whole grain noodles therefore belong to the foodstuffs which have a low energy density .

 Food for weight loss

The energy density divides food into green, yellow and red per 100 grams because of its caloric content. You can eat green food without a doubt, until you are full. These include fruit, vegetables and others, which we introduce to you here. Yellow foods such as wholemeal bread or bread dumplings should be enjoyed regularly in small quantities, and reds such as sweets or alcohol are rarely and in moderation.

Here are the best foods for weight loss & diet

Food for slimming: vegetables

If there is a food group during a diet that you can eat without hesitation, then vegetables. All vegetable varieties have very few calories, but there are many vitamins , minerals and partly also fiber. Vegetables are therefore the best food for losing weight .

Eat your fill of vegetables and structure the meals a little. If vegetables were used as a side dish next to potatoes and meat, you are now planning a double serving instead of potatoes and meat. After the meal you are as satisfied as usual, but you have significantly less calories taken to you.

Food for weight loss

Food for weight loss: fruit

You want to have a snack in the afternoon or late morning? Then pick up fresh fruit. All fruit varieties – also the banana often critically observed by dieticians – have an energy density of less than 1 kcal / g and are thus suitable for weight loss. Food for weight loss

Berries, apricots and apples are particularly low in calories. You should be more careful with avocados. They are the only fruits, along with olives that contain fat and thus more calories. You should also eat dried fruits only moderately. They contain lots of sugar and therefore calories.

You should only rarely eat these foods if you want to lose weight:

 Food for weight loss

Food for weight loss: lean poultry

Chicken or turkey are a good choice if you like to eat a piece of meat, but look at the figure. These two flavors have very little fat – when you leave the skin and the meat in a coated pan fried in a little oil. Also a good alternative to low-fat cooking: just grill the meat! This also succeeds in winter on a small electric grill.

Duck and goose are not a food for losing weight: you should not eat them so often and only in smaller quantities. They naturally contain much more fat than chicken and turkey.

Food for weight loss

Food for weight loss: lean fish

Most fish species are one of the foods you can eat well during a diet. They have few calories. The only exceptions are fat sea fish such as eel, herring, salmon, mackerel and tuna .

Breaded fish tastes very good, of course, but the panade soaks up the fat in the pan almost magically. It is better and calorie-free if you fry the fish ‘nature’ in little fat or stew and then sprinkle with fresh herbs and a little Parmesan just gratinated under the grill.

Food for weight loss: natural yoghurt

Food for weight loss

Natural yoghurt is a wonderful food for a diet. For it contains a lot of calcium and protein, but only a few calories and is a true kinship artist! You can enjoy it pure, but also with a few drops of honey or a half teaspoon of jam . Fresh fruits complement yogurt very well. And with a few herbs and spices it turns out to be a delicious dip to potatoes or bread.Food for weight loss

Food for weight loss: tofu

No fancy meat? Then just try a dish with tofu. The Asian soy specialty is low-calorie and low in fat and versatile. It tastes best in soy sauce, seasoned with curry and paprika powder and roasted. For this Asian vegetables with rice and already you have a delicious, low-calorie dish. Food for weight loss

In the health food store and drugstore stores with their own biomarker you will find a bigger tofu offer. Almond nut tofu or basil tofu taste great in a salad and are a good entry into the soy kitchen.


Food for weight loss: salad

‘Eat a salad before eating, if you want to lose weight’, is a well-known diet tip. And he’s right! Salad in itself has little calories, no fat and fills the stomach but it is quite wonderful if you eat a serving as a starter. It is one of the best foods for weight loss.

Pay attention to the dressing. Very oily sauces make from every salad a real calorie bomb. Much better are dressings on yoghurt basis or with broth and vinegar.


Also extras in lettuce such as croutons, tuna, olives, feta or hard-boiled eggs provide quite a few calories. Use them only sparingly.

Food for weight loss: potatoes

Potatoes have the reputation of being a smoker like noodles. But that’s not correct. 100 grams have only 70 calories, but a lot of nutrients and they make a lot of stuff.

Since many minerals are placed directly under the bowl, you should often make potatoes. Together with herbal quark you have a delicious and very low-calorie food on the table, which tastes great and small.

Food for weight loss

Food for slimming: Buttermilch

In addition to natural yoghurt, the buttermilk is another dairy product, which belongs to the group of food for slimming. You can drink them as a snack . Due to its high protein content it lasts long. Also delicious: Purees them with a few fruits.

Food for weight loss

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